Cleveland Heights Branding Initiative


Why branding our community is important.


Brand Process Continues with Community Input

Thank you to all of the Cleveland Heights residents who took the time to take the brand logo survey and to share your comments and suggestions. From the very beginning of this effort, the City and the Brand Steering Committee sought community input, analyzed it and incorporated residents' feedback every step of the way. The more than 1,000 responses we received for the initial community survey to describe Cleveland Heights were used to develop a strong brand story, which has been enthusiastically received. If you haven't taken the time to read it yet, please do so as it is an outcome of your words and sentiments. We plan to use much of this in future advertisements and when we talk about the City to visitors.

Seeking your opinions on new creative concepts is also part of the process. And, we heard clearly that people have an affinity towards our current logo. We also heard your thoughts about the proposed tagline and we took that to heart and have eliminated it as an option. We do expect to further address a tagline for the City in the future.

At this point, we are determining next steps and will again reach out to you for your input. One of the many things that makes our community great is the passion our residents feel for it. We appreciate all of your comments and hope you will remain engaged in this important process.

The foundation of our brand.

We are right on schedule regarding our work developing the brand identity for our city. The "Brand Truths" represent the foundation of the brand - they are genuine, authentic and unique themes that the rest of the brand work will be built upon. This work is the result of many months of community research and input and is an important step in the process.



Cleveland heights branding initiative

Our city needs a voice

While many people may not think of our community as a “brand”, there are few things more important than defining the qualities that make our city an attractive destination for all.

"We are a community of possibilities, not a community of problems. Communities exist for the sake of belonging and takes its identity from the gifts of its citizens."

Peter Block

Developing a genuine and authentic brand will provide us a foundation from which to market our city with a consistent voice as we compete to attract new residents, businesses and visitors, each of whom provide the economic impact necessary for us to continue to grow and prosper. A strong brand also acts as a rallying point and builds community pride, building ambassadors and advocates who are so important in helping us tell our story and positively enhancing our reputation.

It truly takes a village to brand a city. Unlike a traditional consumer goods company, a community brand is shared by all of us, so it’s vital that we engage our entire community in this initiative. The more active our community is in helping us through this process, the more likelihood there is of developing something that is truly ours, and something we can all be proud of.


Cleveland heights branding initiative

Our branding process

A brand is more than a logo, slogan or marketing campaign. While these elements are important expressions of the brand, the brand itself is the DNA of our community. It’s our spirit. It’s our soul. Logos and campaigns will come and go over time, but a genuine and authentic brand will remain. As a result, a branding process involves a lot of work before the creative process even begins.

Our discovery process will rely heavily on the input from our entire community including one-on-one interviews with community leaders and influencers, focus groups with different audience sectors, an online survey for all residents, and other means of gathering input.

The results of this discovery will reveal the most prominent brand tenets that will act as the foundation of our brand story. We will bring this story to life through the creative process of developing messaging, a new logo and tagline. But that is just the beginning! We will bring the brand to life through a marketing and communications plan which will include enabling all of us to use the new brand to lift our entire community up and tell our story to the world.

See the results of the research

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Cleveland heights branding initiative

Frequently asked questions

What is a community brand?

First, it’s important to understand what a brand is not – a brand is not solely a logo, slogan or marketing campaign. Rather, a community brand represents the characteristics and personality of a community. It’s about more than buildings, places and things. It’s made up by the spirit of the people who help give the community an authentic and genuine voice. It’s the community’s DNA.

A community brand crafts an image and shapes perceptions of internal and external audiences. It frames how people talk about a place, shapes a community’s reputation and gives a community its sense of place. It also becomes a rallying cry for residents and lifts community pride

How long will it take?

This project is expected to take between 6-8 months to complete.

Who is leading this project?

The city is leading this project with the direction of a Steering Committee comprised of members from various city departments, and representatives from community organizations, residents and businesses.

An experienced marketing and branding firm, Align2Market - who has worked with a variety of other cities, will be guiding the us through the branding initiative.

Considering our city’s many needs,

why is this project a priority?

Developing our brand is one of the best investments our city can make and one we expect a positive return from. A strong community brand positively impacts a city’s economic health and prosperity. It increases destination attractiveness leading to enhanced quality of life. It makes a community more attractive to new residents and helps a community attract business development and visitors. This activity provides incremental tax revenue that gets reinvested in city infrastructure and place-making.

How can I get involved?

Please register to become a Cleveland Heights brand ambassador using the form below. Also, check back for updates and for a link to the community survey.


Get Involved

We invite you to participate in this process. Please sign up to become a Cleveland Heights ambassador and to be kept updated on this project as we make progress. 

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